Fashion Tip of the Week: Recycling Your Clothes

Do you have a bunch of clothes that are just lying in your closet? Are you fed up with piles and piles of things you never wear? Well, here are some excellent tips on how to recycle your old clothing!

#1: Sell Them Online
The Internet is a very powerful tool and these days you can almost do anything online. Try or This is an easy way that let's you get rid of your clothing while staying home!

#2: Find A Consignment Shop
If you have clothes that are barely worn and in good condition, then a consignment shop is the perfect place for you. They usually give you between 30-50% profit of your item after they sell it. This way you can recycle and earn some cash.

#3: Swap Them
Your trash may very well be someones treasure. Try hosting a swap party and bring items that you no longer wear (make sure they are in good condition). Here you can get rid of old clothes and get some new ones from your friends and family.

#4: Donate to those in Need
If you just want to get rid of some clothes and do not care about making a profit, just donate them! Donate to local charities and help those in need. You will definitely feel great about this one.

#5: Too Worn Out?
Are there just some things that can't be given away or sold? Here's a solution: Cut them up and use them as rags around the home. If not, try donating to a local animal shelter. They can always use old clothing as bedding for animal cages. Lastly, Goodwill often donates worn out clothing to textile recycling centers.

Regardless, there is always something you can do about old clothes. It is time to give your closet some space and get rid of them!

Information via Ask Green America


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