Poolside Collection by Karina Copado

By Jennelle Fong
My Saturday night? Oh, no biggie. Just a few errands, dinner, and a charity fashion show by Karina Copado. Again, no biggie.

It was absolutely fabulous, but what else would you expect from a LA party? The venue, La Maison de Fashion, was decorated with a red carpet entrance set with dozens of photographers and zigzagging bolts of tulle strung above everyone's heads. Guests were cool and collected, mingling amongst a featured supplemental designer, Kevin Couture.

Kevin Couture + models and designs
Snagged a picture with the models of Kevin Couture Designs!
and so begins the Poolside Collection by Karina Copado show...

The designer, Karina Copado
As a given, I left the show with my ears still ringing with Katy Perry and my eyes blind from the numerous flashes of the cameras, but I strutted away with gorgeous images of sexy, bold pieces by Karina Copado. Her Poolside Collection is to die for--it truly is for the women that don't get wet.


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