Bonjour de France!

By Taylor de Diego
Hello from France darling readers and welcome to a new element of Society805: An International Fashion and Trend report straight from Paris, France, capitol of the fashion industry. Let me reintroduce myself to new readers of Society805 and give a brief overview of Society805’s international fashion correspondence before we get to the fun and exciting news that is Fashion Week Paris 2011.

My name is Taylor (Je m’appelle Taylor, for those of you who know French) and I am a former fashion writer for Society805. After a brief hiatus due to an overwhelmingly busy work and school schedule, I am happy to be working for Society805 again. And this time I am reporting on trends, boutiques, vintage shopping and all other things related to fashion from a French perspective. I am lucky enough to call Paris my current city and I can not wait to share all of the spectacular sights, fashion and beautiful people I am surrounded by daily. For the next couple of months, I will be your direct connection to Parisian and European fashion. Anything you want to know about French fashion? Need some fashion inspiration? Planning a trip to Europe? I’m your girl and I’m glad to share my knowledge!

Now, let’s get started. Yesterday commenced the first day of Paris Fashion Week, 2011. The city is always thriving with energy but the beginning of such an event has brought a new excitement to the city.  While today I was unable to attend any of the fashion shows due to a conflicting school schedule, the enthusiasm was pumping through the city. After class I darted over to the Marais, an extremely chic yet bohemian fashion district in Paris, to find that the neighborhood was crawling with photographers, models and plenty of stage men setting up for the crowds. It’s everything one would imagine during such an exciting and important event in the capitol of the fashion industry.

For those who are not familiar, Fashion Week is a bi-annual event in which native designers and design houses display their collections for the upcoming season. Both Haute Couture, clothing made directly for the buyer, and ready-to-wear, pre-made designs, collections are displayed to a crowd of celebrities, designers, and fashion-lovers alike. While Fashion Week takes place in numerous cities like New York, Milan and London, the Paris Fashion Week has an entirely different feel. There is something mystifying when this city of life becomes full of those people who breathe fashion. Just imagine, Coco Chanel’s legacy has paved the way to an event in which people from all over the world travel to experience. It’s magnificent and I am tremendously grateful to be apart of the excitement!

The metro is running all night this weekend so I’ll be running all over this city, consuming as much fashion as possible. Stay tuned and get ready for Fashion Week 2011, California! Tomorrow I will be attending the Lutz runway show.
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