NO PLAN EVER GOES ACCORDING TO THE PLAN I have been looking forward to fashion week for a few weeks now, looking forward to getting away from my everyday life for a few days and have my Sex in the City little adventure. THE PLAN
  • leave town early to beat the LA traffic
  • check into hotel
  • sit by the pool & eat light meal (we are experiencing a heat wave)
  • get dress and look fabulous
  • arrived at Sue Wong's event (first event)
  • view the latest collection, mix & mingle & network
  • arrive at Sachika Runway show (2nd event)
  • view show
  • mix & mingle, and network
  • meet friends in K-Town
WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPEN We left later than planned and we decided to take separate cars. Elizabeth(Miss Lady E), who is our amazing photographer left twenty minutes before me who happens to live about 30 mins away from me in the opposite direction and further from LA and manage to beat me to the hotel in Pasadena. Traffic was a little bit nightmarish. She waited patiently in the parking lot watching a movie in her car. Okay I finally arrived, a little frazzle because the hotel was further than I expected, more than 3 miles which was totally unacceptable. No problem, I will just cancelled the reservation, right.......wrong. The reservation can't be cancelled after 4:00 and it was about 6:00, did I let that stop me, of course not I canceled it after about 45 minutes of them contacting their corporate office, something about they can't do it on their end, it has to be done on the corporate side. Went back to my car and thanks to my iPad and did manage to book a 4 star accommodation at the Westin Pasadena which is the area I wanted originally. 

We were on the road by 8:45 looking fabulous and of course we were late because of the hotel fiasco, I decide it would be better to go see the Sachika runway show first and leave immediately after that. The show ran over an hour behind schedule and can I say the venue was hot and I am not talking about the decor, there was no working air conditioning in this building it was a sauna, thankfully both Elizabeth and I wore dresses.
I enjoyed quite a few pieces from the collection, the twins worked their magic once again, I loved their evening gowns. 

Now we are really late to the Sue Wong event and we arrive there finally and we are really excited but we are too late, the event was over, TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT, I never imagine it ending so early the last Sue Wong event lasted hours. (I checked my emails after we came back to the hotel and the viewed the invite and it said from 7:30 to 10:30 a major over site on my part) it's about 11:00 and we are starving, we venture back towards Pasadena but make a little detour to do a little star tour. Elizabeth wanted to see the house of one of her favorite tv shows Brothers & Sisters, which was cancelled due to budget cuts. So we are driving looking for the Walker family house and found it, things really do look bigger tv.
We ended the evening at Denny's, yes Denny's and had a good time talking, Just two girls out on an adventure. See the pictures from the Sachiwa runway show, sorry it is blurry, and not so many, it was a sauna in the venue and hard to focus on taking pictures.


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