Fall & Back 2 School Fashion: Do's & Don'ts

Confused about what's in and out this season? Well fear no more! 
Here is a list of Do's and Don'ts for Fall & Back 2 School Fashion.


  • DO wear cozy sweaters! At the J.Crew presentation at NY Fashion Week, cozy sweaters were seen paired with beautiful skirts and printed pants! Don't be afraid of a little color, but make sure to keep to similar colors so your outfit can flow!

  • DO wear bright colors! Though we all need a few pairs of black tights for the Fall, don't forget to match them with some beautiful bright colors. This will make you stand out like no other!

  • DO rock the pea coat! You may think pea coats were "so last Fall" but the navy pea coat still remains a hot trend this season!

  • DO mix sporty and ladylike! The classic baseball cap looks perfect with girly pieces like skirts and dresses! Not into hats, try a Letterman jacket!

  • DO be patriotic! It is ALWAYS cool to represent your country. Buy American products and support American designers!

  • DO rock the skinny jeans! These are so in..tuck them into boots or wear them with flats!


  • DON'T skip the collar statement! Collars are IN...and by in, I mean all sorts, bedazzled, sparkly, shiny! This trend is happening off and on the runway and we think it is going to last!

  • DON'T ditch the peplum trend! This is one of the most wearable trends and we are not ready to give it up just yet. Peplum dresses, skirts, pants, and tops for everyone!

  • DON'T forget about pointy pumps! These pumps are perfect for Fall, especially in bright colors and shiny fabrics. These look great with cropped pants but NOT with wide-leg jeans!
  • DON'T stick to boring handbags! Bright colors...and lots of them are in! Ditch the old black bag, and try something new, perhaps a turquoise or a magenta? 

  • DON'T buy big heels if you can't rock them! Some of us just aren't made for 5 inch heels...and that's fine! Save yourself from looking silly and go with a 3 inch heel.

  • DON'T wear running shoes with dresses or skirts!  Need I say more?
  • DON'T combine all trends at once! Though it is good to always stay trendy, try to stick to one or two at a time!

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