Studio Channel Islands Art Center presents "Invierno"

Venue: Blackboard Gallery
Producer: Dania  Gutierrez 
Artist Members: Ana Parkinson, Cheryl Huddleston, Deborah Jarchow, ildiko Choy, Patrick Fisher, Smadar Knobler
Fashion Designers: Alexis Evelyn, Ricardo Rubio, Unzicker Designs,Vintage Manifesto

Madrid Inspired Fashion Show Features Wearable Art

Blackboard Gallery of Studio Channel Islands Art Center held their 3rd Annual Fashion Show event and Society 805 was once again there to cover this fashionable event.

The theme this year was Madrid’s inspired fashion, “Invierno” which means winter in Madrid. In terms of fashion week, this would be the fall/winter 2014 show.

The first models to walk the catwalk wore wearable art by Studio Channel Island Art Center Artist members followed by models wearing designs from emerging fashions designers in the region.
Designs By Artist Member Patrick Fisher-Photo credit: Nydia Ortiz / Brooks Institute & Tadeo Tebaneke
This year’s event welcomed back Patrick Fisher who seemed to bring a new energy to his work. I also really liked how he honored the late comedian Robin Williams. Also returning was metal designer Elaine Unzicker who brought her daring and gorgeous metal mesh designs.
Metal Designer Unzicker Designs-Photo credit: Nydia Ortiz / Brooks Institute
Designer Ricardo Rubio -Photo credit: Nydia Ortiz / Brooks Institute & Tadeo Tebaneke
My favorite designer of the evening without a doubt was Ricardo Rubio. I like the direction he is going with his designs and feel he has potential despite the fact that he still has a ways to go. If he can pay more attention to details and clean up his designs I think it will become quite special. I look forward to seeing what this young man will do in the future. The second on my list of favorite designers goes to Alexis Evelyn whose designs remind me a little of designer Eva Franco, feminine and flirty.
Designer Alexis Evelyn-Photo Credit: Tadeo Tebaneke /Nydia Ortiz / Brooks Institute
Designs by Artist Member Deborah Jarchow Photo credit: Nydia Ortiz / Brooks Institute & Tadeo Tebaneke
Designs by Vintage Manifesto-Photo credit: Nydia Ortiz / Brooks Institute & Tadeo Tebaneke
Considering this show was put on in a mere 6 weeks with first time fashion producer Dania Gutierrez it was a good production.  Though I must say this is my first time seeing a red carpet on the runway and I have covered a few runways, the potential for a model to snag her heels in the carpet or slip on the red tape that was holding the carpet down was high. Yikes! I held my breath every time a model stepped down off the stage. I hope next year they use stage blocks or even better do a floor level fashion show, which is all the rage right now. One last tip for next year, photographers normally are situated at the end of the runway and members of the press are seated in the front rows to view the designs to write about the collections.


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