Fashion Week LA - Camelia Skikos & Whichkim

Venue: Beachwood Studios
Producers: Concept Los Angeles
Fashion Designers: Camelia Skikos & Whichkim
Season: Fall/Winter 2015   
Photo Credit: Brandon Wholihan Photography
Let me start off by saying that this collection was very visually stunning and well staged, however for the life of me I could not find the words to write about the designs; it is so out of my realm.  So with that in mind I enlisted someone who totally got it,  Billy Bennight wrote this amazing piece on these two designers who came together to create this amazing collection.
Photo Credit: Brandon Wholihan Photography
"It was immediately apparent that Skikos work utilized curvilinear lines associated with constructivism. This brought to mind “Victory Over the Sun”, Kazimir Malevich‘s opera and the creator of Supreitism. The second thing that came to mind was Kansai Yamamoto design for David Bowie. Skikos then shared her thought about her line when she said, “My inspiration was Victor Vasarely. The collection was about contrast, black and white, soft and hard, shiny and mat, delicate and strong and it about contrast and quality.”Victor Vasarely was a constructivist and a member of Bauhaus. During his black and white period he created his Tribute to Malevitch: is a reference to the notable Russian artist Kazimir Malevich. Camelia Skikos’ looks are optically meditative and high concept driven. They work as much as an art installation as they do fashion: high concept fashion!"

Thank you Billy!
Photo Credit: Brandon Wholihan Photography

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