Fashion Week LA Is Here Again!

We are getting ready again to start our journey into the realm of Los Angeles during Fashion Week. Its my time to check out the fashion for the upcoming season, and it's the closet we west coasters can get to Fashion Week in the big apple.
The first round of designers we will see will be at the ever cool and hip Concept LA venue. This season we will see Mike Vensel, Camila X Castillo, Elaine Marie, Jen Awad and Camilia Skikos.

Mike Vensel, who is also Concept's co-founder is a  fashion designer, an artist, and a photographer. His designs are known for having a sleek and sexy minimalist aesthetics,  which I am sure being an artist and photographer gives him a different perspective in creating a collection. Vensel 's FW2015 collection "Power" will be revealed this Saturday.
This will be my first time seeing the Venezuelan designer Camila X Castillo. This FW2015 collection "Minimal Lines" is inspired by late 60's South American artists including works by Gego and Naum Gabo. With modular square forms individually cut and folded by the designer herself, Castillo creates volumetric effects to her garments. 

I was not able to find much data on Elaine Marie, but I hope that changes after her collection is unveiled on Saturday. Look for the images from the show in our wrap up about this show.

The next designer to walk the catwalk who I am extremely excited in seeing is Jen Awad. The last time we wrote about this designer was for the FW2013 season for Concept LA which I did not attend, however the event was covered and thanks to we have images from that amazing collection. I wish I could tell you about Jen's inspiration for this collection, however no one responded back to me in time before posting. I guess we will just have to be patient and wait for the unveiling on Saturday.

Camelia Skikos,  the final designer, is a fashion architect who carefully
orchestrates innovation with attention to form through the use of geometric, multidimensional techniques. Her FW2015 collection is a collaborative effort with menswear designs. Whichkim introducing her first ever collection of both menswear and womenwears. 

Look for my next posting on Monday about LA Fashion Council.
Concept Los Angeles @Siren Studies- martinMARTIN "Structure and Anti-Structure" Runway Showing 10/16/12


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