Fashion Week LA - Linden

Venue: Maker City LA at The REEF  
Producers: Los Angeles Fashion Council 
Fashion Designers: Linden
Season: Fall/Winter 2015  
Photo Credit: © Si Jie Loo - image courtesy of
Linden designer Jennifer Lynn inspirations are from working at the L.A Ballet in the costume department. Because Linda was working with costumes on a regular basis, she was inspired by the developing process costumes go through to become stage-ready, at times some things have to be completed in an alternative way. The designs in her collection are created using a similar approach. The presentation style at in The Atelier Room was unusual  too, having two models that never left the space, changing outfits in front of spectators, which was inspired by the theatrical quick changes she has been apart of through the L.A Ballet.

Photo Credit: © Si Jie Loo - image courtesy of
Unfortunate I caught the very end of the presentation and did not have the chance to see the presentation completely. However, I can say that I love how the presentation was presented, I thought it was really cool to see the models change in front of the audience.  As far as the collection, first of all, I love it when someone is doing anything to help with the environment and the fact that Jennifer uses sustainable fabric in her collection gives her 5 stars in my book. We did however have the opportunity to interview Jennifer and she tells us when and why she started using sustainable fabric which should be available later this week. 

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