Top 5 Things to Complete Your Closet

Guest Blogger Kayli Vichez 
I'm coming out of my fashion closet and I'm going to admit that I used to think being stylish means stuffing my closet with all of the new items the fashion industry is churning out. But after watching an episode of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style and learning about his 10 Essential Items List, boy did I feel silly looking at my jungle of a closet.

And because of this, I was inspired to write my own list, an homage you could say to Tim Gunn's most famous list. First of all, I trimmed it down to just five items in keeping with the recessionista trend. Also, I think this will inspire more creativity when it comes to styling and dressing up your look, which is a training every fashion maven needs. Second, I'm giving it a bit of a spin by not just limiting it to garments. For this list I'm also going to include some footwear and accessories options. So, here are my Top 5 List of Things that will Complete Your Closet. 

The Little Black Dress. Nobody can deny the importance of the LBD in every woman's closet. It's chic and practical which is a very ideal combination when choosing your clothes. Although, I think the common mistake that women make when choosing their LBD is that they tend to keep their choice on the safe side. I understand that going for a classic silhouette is the best option if you're going to buy a long term dress that you're just going to use for special occasions, but if it's a little black dress that you'll use often, i.e. to gallery openings, to impress your date, or when you're late for work and don't want to think about what to wear anymore, then look for an LBD that either has structure or interesting texture. Remember that every girl has a little black dress in her closet, but only a true fashion superstar can make her little black a truly unique one. 

White Tops. Instead of just white shirts I'm recommending white tops. I mean it. Get white shirts, white tank tops, white t-shirts, everything. Just having two white tops in your closet means you already have the foundation for maybe up to five looks. Just like the first item, don't mistake classic for boring. Choose tops that maybe some bead work or interesting silhouettes to spice up a white piece of clothing. But most important of all, I think having white tops in your closet makes for a good excuse to buy a lot, and I mean, seriously, a lot of accessories. It's like a white shirt is almost asking for that chunky, vintage necklace isn't it? 
A Good Pair of Heels. Do not underestimate the power of a good pair of heels. You can just be wearing jeans and tank top but add a good pair of heels and you're going to be one smoking babe. Take note that when I say a good pair of heels, I don't mean an expensive one (although sometimes quality is directly proportional to price). By this I mean something that has proper support for your feet. Get heels that have extra padding on the sole so you're more comfortable. You can also invest in a quality pair of heel pads to give your feet more support and you'll last a little bit longer in your heels. In terms of style, I'm a big fan of the new breed of heels these days with the chunkier heels, I think it looks more modern than your usual pumps. Also, don't just go for a black platform stiletto because it's the top of mind choice. Go a little bit crazy and get a pair of sparkly, silver pumps. Just like black pumps, silver pumps also go well with anything. I dare say it adds a little bit more of glamour too. 

A Quality Wrist Watch. When I was thinking of the one accessory that every girl should have, I will admit that it was a tough choice between a wrist watch and a cocktail ring. Alas I went with the underdog which is why I chose the wrist watch. I think a having a watch is one of those accessories that no one really considers and an accessory, but to me, it's a bracelet that can tell the time. If you look at the new designs of watches today, they're like gold and jewel encrusted down to the last digit on the watch's face. If that is not proof of bling then I don't know what is.   

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