On The Road in Search of Fashion
By Brittany Avila
In the birthplace of Mardi Gras, the glittering city of New Orleans, women are more concerned with ruffled dresses and shimmering scarves than what color metallic bead necklace they should adorn. The hot and humid climate calls for airy blouses, skirts and dresses that are made charming with their unique bold and floral prints. In a place rich with lavish French history, it is only fitting that the ladies of NOLA continue the “tre magnifique” ways of their predecessors and add to the sparkle that makes New Orleans such an irresistible destination. While visiting the majestic city of the bayou I roused the racks of many trendy and vintage-inspired boutiques to expose how the fashionistas of the French Quarter represent.
This loose romper allows air in while representing a beautiful blend of African roots in the print.

An adorable and well-fitted floral dress that represents the south’s impeccable ability to accentuate and fit to women’s natural curves.

For an elegant affair, the full-length dresses were featured in many shops and came in all colors and styles.

During my time in the French quarter, my shopping addiction forced to me visit every boutique that featured any sort of women’s clothing. After scanning the glamorous racks of many charming shops decorated with bright colors and 40’s style sun hats, I found the jewel of all shopping in NOLA. Langford Market, located on Decatur street near the famous CafĂ© DuMonde, takes News Orleans fashion a step above the other boutiques by featuring trendy clothes that each have a special detail or characteristic that make them a one of a kind piece. After walking in and being greeted with a pineapple martini (yum, especially after walking around in Mother Nature’s sauna) my eyes feasted upon the vintage artifacts decorating the shop and bright colors and prints adorning the racks. The selection of clothing is vast, and they feature clothes young ladies or a mature woman. So if you’re in New Orleans, hop down to the French quarter and stroll down the Mississippi River to this oasis of clothing that would impress any fashionista.

Layering is a big trend down here that allows you mix colors and materials that make a trend unique to you; a good belt at the waist is almost always flattering by showing off a woman’s hips creating an hour-glass figure.

A denim dress with a crochet button-up vest attached- two materials that are surprisingly a lovely pair.
A blue one-shouldered dress for a night out adds gathering on the one sleeve in remembrance of the puffy sleeves of the Antebellum era of the south.
Louisiana ladies love their purses big too!
This outfit exudes the ruffles and floral prints that make southern outfits lovely and feminine.

What would any outfit be without the bling! Beads, bangles, and hats were all popular accessories.

Note: Please excuse the rusty picture quality, my Blackberry does not compare to a Nikon. :)


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