dress design progress pt. 3

OMG! So last night I was so stressed out about this dress my hands were shaking as I was ripping some seams to remove the pink skirt on my dress.

The black fabric underneath it had the same shine and I almost lost my mind stressing out about it!
This is what it looks like now :( I hate it but I just have to step away from it because its driving me crazy

I ended up starting a different "back up" dress. Something simple that resembles my original sketches.
I swear to you guys this was totally unforeseen drama with the SHINE!
its like in my office I don't see this much shine till I go and take a picture then I just look at the pic and want to die!

Today and tomorrow I will be concentrating on finishing both of them up then figuring out which one comes out better......to finish 2 dresses up by Friday is probably more stressful than doing 1 dress but I think I'm up for the task and I rather give myself options than be forced to wear 1 dress that I am having so many issues with.

Because I bit off my acrylic nails from the stress I am going to get some R & R today at my favorite nail salon then try to come back home and figure out the hair and make up situation for Friday.

Did I mention I have a 1 year old son and husband that works in Chatsworth (meaning he cant help much either)? no nanny, no close family to watch my son, Nada. Now you tell me, wouldn't you be stressed out?

more updates tonight .....or tomorrow.


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