dress design progress pt. 4

Its 5:30am and I'm just now getting ready to go to bed.  I went to work on this dress at about 9pm and am just now finishing up.  I'm not sure if my neighbors could hear it but I was blasting Guns N Roses on Pandora almost all night, it really got me pumped up. At one point the dress was completely disassembled and there were pieces all around my office.  I gave myself a little bit of a fresh start by doing that. I think I spent about 2 hours making ruffles for the shoulder.  A big inspiration for me to make the shoulder like this was Alexander McQueen's RTW fall 2012 collection. Sarah Burton made some really amazingly textured pieces.

The silhouette is as classic as it gets but I might end up wearing it without the petty coat underneath for the day of the fashion show.

Tomorrow I'll be working on the second dress. Just to give myself options but for now this one is 95% done. YAAAAY!!!! :)

Thank god because the stress was killing me!
stay tuned for more updates

<3 JoanaK. <3


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