Wrap Star | Raven + Lily Release New Scarves for Spring

Have you been searching for the perfect accessory for this tricky spring weather? Great news! Raven+ Lily has just released all new scarves for spring! The stylish infinity scarves were just released today, right in the nick of time! You can easily pair these sophisticated scarves with a blazer (for work) or a maxi dress (for play). The best part is that these scarves are completely sustainable and serving the greater good.

Raven + Lily is a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to empowering women through creative design partnerships and micro-enterprise opportunities in developing countries. By combining the passions of ethical design and fashion, Raven + Lily has curated a platform to further alleviate poverty among women and families in various parts of the world. The women artisans behind Raven + Lily are empowered and though faced with adversity, are able to learn a craft that creates a sustainable job opportunity, develops their sense of meaning in the world and allows them control to create a life they are proud of.