Will LA ever be taken seriously in the fashion world?


I decided to write things a little different this season after my experience with fashion week in Los Angeles this March. I guess this is the first season that I am a little disappointed with some of the designers and with some of the venue producers.  I sometimes wonder if Los Angeles is taken seriously in the rest of the world as a fashion leader?

I did not do Concept LA this season, mostly due to how it was ran last season. I absolutely love the venue, but hated the wait between shows in the hot sun and did not want to experience that again. (My photographer who is a red head and fair skin did not fair too well in the sun) I did not want to chance it again this season. I am not sure if they improved on that part of the event, if anyone knows if they did I would love a feedback in comments. The runway shows feature the following designers Jen Awad, Nikki Rich, Mike Vensel, B:Scott & Sarah Scott. I did score a few images from the shows.

Jen Awad-images courtesy of http://www.feastfashionfaves.com
Images via mikevensel.com
I did attend Style Fashion Week at the beautiful Vibiana Cathedral. I was able to attend 4 out of 5 nights of the event. Monday's event featured designers Gregorio Sanchez, Beso ModaIna Soltani.  

On the first night I definitely enjoyed Gregorio Sanchez fall collection, there were several pieces in the collection that I could see  in many of my friend's closets, myself included. I love this collection, I like the fact that there were pieces in the collection that you wear to the office, out to dinner and even to a fancy affair and simply gorgeous coats for when there is a chill in the air. The mixture of the textures were inspiring. Look for an interview with Gregorio Sanchez in the coming months in the newly re-designed Society805,the interview will be in both English and Spanish.
images via RG Sanchez facebook
Beso Moda, well I really do not have much to say about this collection, lets keep it at that.

Last designer of the night, Ina Soltani who normally known for having bright & bold colors in her collection, went a different direction. It was very dark, very hip & very stylish, with pops of colors. Adding leather to this collection was very smart.  Some people like Ina for her bright and bold colors, however, for me I like the dark.
Ina Soltani

Ina Soltani
Ina Soltani
On the second night of Style Fashion Week the designers and collections that were featured, Los Angeles boutique Brigade LA, XCVI, Civil Society, Paulie Gibson & Rudsak. I missed the first show, was able to see the XCVI collection. I was not able to get a seat for the next collection and I was wearing these killer heels, which were killing my feet, so I left early. I do have a few shots from some of the collections.
Images via ApparelNews.net/Photography by John Eckmier
Images via Civil Society Clothing facebook
 Paulie Gibson
Wednesday night was the reason why I enjoyed going to runway shows! Quynh Paris, Ash Haute Couture & Pia Gladys Perey were the ladies that set the tone for Fashion Week in Los Angeles. 

This is my second time seeing Quynh Paris collection, I finally felt like I was at a fashion show after viewing her collection. Mind you, her collection is not for most people, I really do not see the practicality of it, however, by LA standards this collection is perfect. What I love about her collection is that it creates a beautiful whimsical fantasy. Who doesn't need a fantasy every once in while.
Quynh Paris-images via apparelnews.net/Photography by Volker Corell
Also,this is my second time seeing Ash Haute Couture and I must say I was quite impressed with this collection this season, I was not crazy about last seasons spring/summer collection, but this season she redeemed herself. Very flirtatious and Audrey Hepburnish,(my word, you have my permission to use it;D) I loved the hair accessories and I am so glad that the french bun is back. However, I was a little disappointed that she really did not have much of a fall/winter collection. True, there were a few pants but no suits.
Ash Haute Couture-images via apparelnews.net/Photography by Volker Corell 
Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances I could not change, I missed Thursday shows.

As usual, Style Fashion Week does not disappoint on their finales. Friday night the house was packed. This time they did not have intermission between shows it was fantastic. The designers Roxanne Nikki, Bryan Herns and to close this season Michael Cinco.

Starting off the evening Roxanne Nikki, there were a few pieces I thought were nice, this collection did not wow me, nonetheless, I like the direction she was going. I like it when a designer takes a risk, there were several pieces I like the concept, but the fabric did not work, if she choose different material she may have had a different outcome. Over all the show presentation was nice and I am happy to see that the bun is making an appearance again.
Roxanne Nikki-images via apparelnews.net/Photography by Volker Corell 
Bryan Herns, either you love his work or you hate it. I love his work, I think of it as an art installation moving across the runway.
Bryan Herns-images via apparelnews.net/Photography by Volker Corell 
This was designer Pia Gladys Perey's first solo show. I thought the collection was beautiful, I did not see anything that I have not seen before, however what made this collection was the  draping of the fabrics in bold and beautifully rich colors she used, which made the collection appeared fresh and original. I actually seen several women in the audience wearing her dresses and they looked stunning. I think we will see a lot more of this designers creations on the red carpet, to my understanding Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, & Kim Kardashian have already been seen wearing her designs.
                                        Pia Gladys Perey-images via apparelnews.net/Photography by Volker Corell 
The closing designer Dubai based Michael Cinco, made his Los Angeles debut, now that is a way to close a show! Last season closer Furne One who is also from Dubai, there must be something in the water there. I now have another reason to go to Dubai. I can describe Michael Cinco's  collection in two words "Dark Elegance" with a hint of the Black Swan and Snow White and the Huntsman (imagine Chris Hemsworth in those leather pants). There were some of the most beautiful gowns I have ever seen. 
 Images via Michael Cinco's facebook
images via apparelnews.net/Photography by Volker Corell
This is the first time in 6 or 7 seasons that I did not attend LA Fashion Weekend, it was kind of strange not going, like something was missing.

This season was different, I can say that I did not enjoy it as much as I usually do. Perhaps because this season the schedule seem unorganized. The Style Fashion Week crew did a great job, however, I did not like the police security, they were not polite and did not care if anyone injured themselves, I told one guard that they need to move the velvet rope out of the way because people were trying to step over the rope which was complicated by the cover that protects all of the cords and wires for the camera and lights and I can see someone wearing high heels tripping over and injury themselves and suing the venue owner and the producers of the venue. I was blown away by his answer, he said that "the owners were rich and they can afford it", which was interesting because the owner, Tom Gilmore was less than a 100 yards away. 

The venue was packed most nights and there weren't seats available for a lot of people which is interesting to me because I do not see a lot of press on the designers from the each of the shows. Where are these posts from the bloggers and writers who were seated. I had to stand a few times and yet I managed to write a few posts which was not easy taking notes standing. I think the producers of theses events should screened more and invite people who actually take the time to write about fashion. Not just invite people who just want to be seen in the front rows, my goodness this is a business after all,  some of us do take it seriously.

I have a question that I would love to know, do you think LA will ever be taken seriously in the fashion world at some point or do you think we are wasting our time?


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