Fashion Week Los Angeles Spring/Summer 2014

It's that time of year again, another season of Fashion Week Los Angeles. We are at our first event of the season, Driven By Design LA. Thus far the set up is "simply gorgeous". This is one producing team that knows how to take care of the their media, hats off to them for that. Let me start with the no hassle check in, NO HASSLE. Then imagine the delight to see that they even provided hostesses to take you to your seats, already they are setting themselves apart from other producers. Lunch was also provided as well for the media. 

Delicious Taco provided by Jaliscos Mobile Taco Grill
Delicious Sundaes provided by Sundae Divas,
This is a great start, I can't wait to see the runway show. Look for the posts through out the day.

Oh almost forgot to mention the media room where I am sitting down and writing this post.


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