Fashion Week LA Spring/Summer 2014- Men's Fashion Week

Venue: California Mart
Producers: Men's Fashion Week
Fashion Designers: My Vice Sweats, Krammer & Stoudt, Paulo Succar & Contol Sector
Season: Spring/Summer 2014    

Last week I covered a few shows at the California Mart for the inaugural Men's Fashion Week, a two day event.  
The first day they presented four collections on the runway, NoRal Apparel (unfortunately I missed this collection), MyVice Sweats, Krammer & Stoudt, and Paulo Succar

MyVice Sweats had a large audience with this collection of hip sweatpants; I can't say sweatsuits as the models were shirtless - which I am not complaining - I just did not understand how you can present a collection at Fashion Week and only have half a look, but at least I had eye candy to look at.
According to their website on their about us page "MyVice is a men's lifestyle sweat collection based out of Los Angeles, CA that focuses on blending casual comfort with designer fashion. MyVice is a play on the original definition of VICE: being an addiction or a habit.  Some people are addicted to love, drugs, exercise, etc. Our Vice? Sweats.  MyVice is sweatpants, redefined. An under-appreciated aspect of men’s fashion, we saw an opportunity to bring sweats to life. Focusing on high quality fabrics, tailored cuts, and fashionable design, MyVice provides the comfort without compromising your style."
Oh, and they are shirtless as well in their catalog, so there you have it.

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Next on the runway presenting their spring/summer 2014 collection, was Krammer & Stoudt. I absolutely loved this collection! Fine-arts painter turned fashion designer Mike Rubin is the man responsible for the beautiful light neutrals and the springtime bright pastels suits. What I love about this collection is that I can see the men in the 805 wearing it.
There were several pieces in the collection that you could wear casually out to the beach and then throw on a blazer and you are set for dinner. I can totally see this fitting in the Santa Barbara scene.  

I must make a comment on the shoes worn by some of the models; who would have thought that paint-splatter shoes were a fashion statement!?
Krammer & Stoudt Designer Mike Rubin with Bow Tie Designer Ella Bar of L'a Bar
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Stylish Whitney Montford of Studio Standard keeping himself busy making important calls while waiting for the runway presentation to start

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Last to present their spring/summer 2014 collection on the runway, was Paulo Succar.
WOW! is all I can say about this collection; it is not for every man, it is for the man who is not afraid to stand out in the crowd as there is no way that you can blend in with this marvelous collection.  I soooooo love this collection, this is why I love coming to runway shows.  I only wished that I brought my photographers for this venue, I will for sure next season.
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Day two, the designers to show their collections were F.R.E.D, Contral Sector & Vlado Footwear. I only had time to see Control Sector collection.


Update 7/2/14 - Okay I just seen their website and viewed the runway images, O.M.G, now if this was feature at the Men's Fashion Week I would have had a lot of good adjectives to write. 

I really did not care for the Contol Sector collection this season, however they did have lots of fans in the audience. I did like one of the models on the runway, Nik CastaƱon, he had a lot of swagger in his walk which made him stand out in the crowd and actually made the clothes look rather cool and hip.  I wish I had videoed the show so you could see what we saw.
Next time.

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