dress design progress pt. 2

Since I'm working on fabric and color pallet's with my own dress line right now I have a couple of options to work with.

The next thing I like to do after I sketch something up is play with my fabrics and see how they react on my bodice. If they fall the way I want them to fall and move how I want them to move I start draping and cutting.

After I get the basic shape of what I want out of the fabrics its time to move everything onto my cutting table to clean up the lines. I decided to use a black and pink fabric for this dress and cut along the grain line this time. No bias cutting for this dress since I only have about 6 yards to work with.

Here is a picture of where I am at in the progress.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are unforeseen things that happen.

When I took a picture with flash of my dress I realized it had waaaay more shine than I wanted it to have. This is quite the pickle I am in right now and I have a big decision to make as I move forward from here.

Its either I start all over with a different type of fabric, Or I keep trying to add ruffles all the way up in an effort to detour the light in different directions instead of straight down my skirt.

Another problem I have is that all the other fabrics I'm working with right now are way to casual for this type of event! .....I'm so stressed out because Its not like I live down the street from the Los Angeles fabric district! I live all the way in Oxnard!!!!

Check back soon Ill be stressing out and trying to move forward while blogging about it at the same time :-\

<3 Joanak. <3


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